Shop Locally First

That’s just our motto. Buying online is convenient, but we’d ask that you first look for an option near you first.

Cool? Cool.


These are what we’ve found to work here in Colorado. The best tires for decomposed granite vary based on your wallet. Gummies can shred in a couple days while harder tires can be cheaper and last longer.




We’ve seen a variety of success or luck with tubes, tube-‘less’, and mousse. We only put products up here that don’t suck. But if you put these on and hate ’em, fair enough.

Some guys run mousses in front, tubless in rear, others run tubless in rear with old tubes in front. Consensus is that the mousse is the go to if you don’t want to think about hitting anything and you don’t really care about your rims.


“The right tool for the job.” ~Genius

It’s incredibly true. You can mess with stuff for hours with disasterous results. Get the right tool and it’s done lickety-split.

Hydration & Food

You know the drill. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, bad vision, bad decision making and expensive, self-induced repair bills.

Hitch ’em ups

Getting your bike/s too and from . . . these are some of the best options.