No Trees, No Rocks . . . Wide Open Spaces

Kids’ Spring and Summer Breaks are an epic journey to a premier destination.


  • March 25-29
  • June 10 – 14
  • June 10 – 17
  • July 15 – 19 (for Advanced Riders)
Kids get the rare freedom to:
  • ride dirtbikes sun-up to sundown
  • experience vast open terrain
  • learn about geography
  • connect with like-minded riders
  • quickly become better riders


Picture of Evan Manniko trials Jr State Champion



Picture of Ian Leeming as a dirtbike guide in Colorado


There’s nothing like sun-up to sundown riding to help a rider progress in their skills. RV Trips give kids the opportunity to eat, slip and drink dirtbikng. And, they learn & connect with fellow riders. The amount of progress they can make in a very short time is simply remarkable. Most importantly they often develop a sense of great confidence and independence during the trip.

How it works:


We’ll meet at Thunder Valley near Morrison and load kids, bikes and equipment. You’ll give ’em hugs, kisses, fist bumps and kind words, and we’ll take it from there. We’re off for the foothills of Colorado’s Western Slope.

Along the way we’ll roll over a few high country passes and deep river canyons.

Glenwood Canyon, Vail Pass, the mile long Eisenhower Tunnel along with the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers are all on the table. Weather, riding skills and fatigue can all play a factor in the route and locations. Typically we take I-70 to Montrose and the southern route, Hwy 50 back to the front range. 


We’ll ride several locations during the trip, but home base is at Peach Valley. Located about 25 minutes north of Montrose outside of Olathe (oh-lay-thuh), the BLM managed OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) area is designed for all skill levels and offers camping, picnic areas and permanent toilets.

The OHV Area:

  • Kids Corrals – Riding areas with kid-sized rollers and banked turns that are fenced in. No wandering off.
  • Multiple Small Tracks – All contained to keep out yah-hoos.
  • EnduroCross Training Area – 3 Levels of difficulty. Plenty robust and mega-fun.
  • Miles of Adobes – Rolling hills, twisty ravines, and nutty climbs.
  • Challenging singletrack – AKA, Sidewinder trail. 

And, you can watch a huge area from the covered picnic area or your RV. 😉


We’ll meet at Thunder Valley (near Morrison CO, just off of 470 and 70 west)

  • 8:00 AM Departure – Monday
  • 8:00 PM Return – Friday

Join the fun!

FAMILIES WELCOME – You’re welcome to make the trip to the far end of the Western Slope and join the fun. Parents often take their own RVs, bring more kids and toys and make a family trip out of it. Our SHOW-N-RIDE program is designed so your kiddos can ride with the group, do all the fun activities and snarf all the food. It’s fun for them and it makes it easy on parents.

SHOW-N-RIDE – As a Ride Day Sign Up adults and kids can join for as many days as you’l like. You  to get acquainted with the area, meet other parents and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of guided rides and good food. Or, you may want to let the kids ride with us and you can go explore with other parents. That’s practically Dirtbike Daycare!

BRING YER BUDDIES – Newcomers to Peach Valley and Enduro Ranch are welcome to come with you. You can all enjoy riding, dining an playing laser-tag together. (Contact us for family and buddies discount)

3 kids riding dirtbikes up the adobe hills at Peach Valley OHV

Spring Break

March 25-29

Picture of dirtbikers lying on the ground atop a hill, basking in a warm sunset.

Summer Break

June 10-14, June 17-21

July 15-19 Advance Group

Dirtbikers line up for 3-Day enduro summer camp

Day Camps

June – August

Tuesday through Thursday


Picture of kid dirtbiking on the adobe or silt mounds with the mountains in the background

Peach Valley OHV is one of the best recreational areas in the states featuring natural rolling terrain, a 3-tiered enduro-cross training area, miles of single track. All within reach of the Black Canyon.

Diverse terrain and open riding abound near Montrose, a town which is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after adventure destinations in Colorado. It’s a cake setting for you and your riding buddies or everyone in the family.

“They won’t stop asking, ‘When is the next Peach Valley Trip?'” ~ Every Parent



Picture of Ian Leeming as a dirtbike guide in Colorado

Ian Leeming

Picture of Evan Manniko trials Jr State Champion

Evan Manniko

picture of dirt bike coach with student.

Brett Johnson

It’s a little unfair to say that Enduro Ranch Guides are the only peeps making this a great, family friendly and safe scene. Many former Enduro Ranch students and parents make the journey to RV overnight at Peach Valley. What we end up with is a community of dirtbikers looking out for eachother.

Perhaps the most rewarding thing as a Guide; to witness our riders stopping to help eachother out on the trail. Nobody ever asked them to do so. #winning


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