Frequently Asked Questions

Are bikes included in the price?
Motorcycles, or “bikes”, aren’t included in the price of the camp. If you’re new to dirtbiking and don’t have one, no worries. We work with a number of rental companies and likely one in your area. Check the Resources page for a list of places that rent bikes and gear. 
What riding gear do we need to have?
For dirtbiking we typically say the minimum is helmet, eye protection, boots and gloves. That said, you don’t need your own. We have a some of these items and what we don’t carry you can rent from one a number of local rental shops. And, if you’re in for buying new gear, let us know. We’ll make sure you get a discount at your one of our preferred vendors.
How experienced do I need to be?
Whether it’s you or your kiddos, or the lot of ya, we work with any experience level. Ok, you need to be able to ride a bicycle. That seems fair enough. Beyond that, our Beginner Dirtbiking courses for Youth and Adult are just your ticket to ride.
Where can I rent dirtbikes and riding equipment?
Check out our Resources page. You’ll find a list of places to rent bikes, gear, trucks and trailers.
How do we get our bikes there?

If you can’t throw your bike in a truck or onto a trailer you can use or rent one of ours. Youth bikes up to a height of 5’7″ are included. Adult Standard or Premium Rentals are available for Riders over 5’7″. 

Several of the rental shops also have trucks and/or trailers that can be rented. You’ll need a hitch for the latter, of course.

What is the minimum age for kids?
For group lessons we’ve got a 9 year old minimum. For critters 4-8 we offer private lessons. It’s a happy medium that allows just about all ages to participate and keeps everyone safe.
Should we be in Beginner or Intermediate?
Great question. Beginners are people who have been on a dirtbike a handful of times. Let’s say less than a summer’s worth of riding. Intermediates are riders who can currently ride and navigate beginner and intermediate trails without stalling or stopping for the tough spots. Typically Intermediate classes are for riders who have the basics down but are hitting a plateau or are ready to work on specific technics that will help them ride faster and in more difficult terrain with better control.
Do you do private instruction?
Yep, we sure do. All the time. Give us a shout and we’ll get you taken care of. Send and email or give us a shout.
What do I need to bring?
Depending on the event, you’ll need different things.

Food & Water – In general, it’s always a good idea to bring water and a snack. Even if we’re supplying lunch. And, we’ll always have water on hand but it can be good to have your own hydration pack or water bottle.

Riding Gear – If you’ve got your own gear, bring it all. We can lock it up if you need to leave some behind while we’re out for a ride. If you’re a Beginner or don’t have any gear, Contact us prior to riding and let’s get you squared away with what you need.

Dirtbikes – A lot of first timers or beginning dirtbikers are testing the waters. No problem. There are places to rent dirtbikes. Check the dirtbiking and enduro Resources page for those outfitters that may be in your area. If you don’t have a way to get the bikes to the trailhead, arrangements can be made. Fees may apply.

Mobile Phone – If you’ve got one. Sometimes on rides one person will have coverage and another will not.

Sunscreen – It’s up to you, but you’ll be amazed how much sun you can get even with a helmet and visor.

Good Vibes – It’s kind of just the way you’ll want to roll. 🙂

Can we camp near the riding area?
Yes!!! This is one of the great things about dirtbiking at Rampart Range. There are a ton of camping spots near our riding areas. You can ride with us during the days or evenings and then camp with the fam or friends, or all by your lonesome in the evenings.
Do you do overnight camps?
Yes, by request. We’re pretty easy going. If you’d like to make more than just a day of it for you or your kiddos, just let us know. We’re out and we’re out often. We can work something out to turn it into an even greater experience. Just give us a shout.