Leave No Trace

As outdoor enthusiasts we ALL have a responsibility to take care of those outdoors. As DIRTBIKERS we’re already considered by many to be harmful to nature. Let’s not perpetuate the stigma. #pickitup

We’re asking fellow enduro riders to not only look after themselves but make the effort to pick up after others.

Here are a few tips for keeping it clean:

  • Watch for junk that falls out when you open the car door
  • Stuff little pieces of wrapper way down in your backpack, not at the top
  • Bring reusable water bottles versus throw aways
  • Look around the parking area and pick up something. Anything.
  • Require everyone in the group to do the same #pickitup
  • Check the pickup bed for anything loose before you bail
  • Make a loop before leaving the parking lot to see if you left anything, trash or treasure


Colorado and the great outdoors need less of these people:

Discarded Summit Signs And Other Trash on Colorado 14rs

Don’t suck. PICK IT UP!


Brett Johnson